Tuesday, July 02, 2013

For the Rainy Days Ahead

It's the start of the rainy season again, and along with the gentle or strong rainfall come the cool, soothing winds and sleepy eyes.

Warm mugs and hugs!

Suddenly you're craving for the comfort of your bed - the sheets against your skin, the warmth underneath your blanket, a soft pillow to catch you as you close your eyes and fall asleep.

But you're really in the office, or in school, or some place that is not your bedroom. And it's funny because you welcome the cold weather, but you long for warmth at the same time. So you go for the next best thing: a hot drink.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk. Paper cups are OK, but you want mugs because you can wrap your hands tight around them like a hug and it won't break.

You take a sip, slowly because it's hot. From your lips the warmth flows down to you chest and spreads like any good feeling.

Sometimes you just want to hug that mug.


A Warm Mug postcards will come free in all packages for the rainy month of July! Warm hugs to Paul for this month's illustration :)

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