Thursday, May 31, 2012

17 Hours in Singapore

Coming home from Nepal, I thought I escaped this year's very unforgiving summer. I knew I was wrong the moment I stepped outside of the Changi airport. 

I stayed at the Winks Hostel in China Town. It's a really interesting place. It's a semikindasorta high-end hostel. A room has several comfortable bunk beds they call pods; there's a common kitchen when you could meet a lot of people - mostly are backpackers; one can also use their computer/internet for free; and surprisingly, they have a library!

I spent the whole afternoon walking around Chinatown and at this cute place called the Little Dröm Store. They have vintage cameras, films, paper goods, magazines, handmade jewelry, postcards, and other things a packrat would love!

The Little Dröm Store
 #7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791
6225 5541

The Wink Hostel
#8A Mosque Street
Singapore 059488

And oh, they also have free breakfast!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Getting More Organized!


Things you need: 
Hey Kessy washi tapes
Label maker
Any type of box

Friday, May 18, 2012

Get One for Mom Project

PROJECT: Get One for Mom
MISSION: To surprise and make mothers smile

I braved the sun last Sunday and went around our village, UP, and Katipunan to scatter these posters and origami hearts! I just prepared several 3.5x3.5 colorful paper sheets and followed these simple steps.


It was very nice of Saint's Alp Katipunan and Xocolat to participate in this simple project. They each had a Get-one-for-mom poster. When I came back in the evening, almost no hearts could be found!!!

As I get shy sometimes (eeep), I asked my brother to go with me and leave paper hearts in UP. I hope the students who were waiting for Toki/Ikot and looking for tutors or just having lunch in the shopping center got hearts for their moms.


And of course, I had a box full of colorfool surprises for my office friends -- so they can give out to their mommies-- and mommy friends at work! I left the box in the pantry. They said they really enjoyed the paper hearts, teabags, and cutouts.


For me, this is nothing compared to what mothers have done to make this world a beautiful place. That's why I'll keep on having Surprise Projects like this. And after all, Mother's Day should be every day!

With gratitude,
Hey Kessy

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Patterns from India

Crushed stones and flowers make beautiful colors. 

 Very intricate details everywhere! Amazing how they dedicated their time life coming up with amazing patterns!

Elephants don't mind you putting painting them as long as you're a good pattern maker ;p 

India teaches you a lot of things. 

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