Tuesday, November 26, 2013

PTV4 Interview

We were interviewed by PTV4 about our business, projects, and the local craft scene. The episode was aired this month :)

Here are some photos from the shoot:

Hey Kessy Washi Tapes

Hey Kessy Washi Tapes

Hey Kessy Washi Tapes

Hey Kessy Washi Tapes

Thanks to the PTV4 team who visited us and made this possible! :)

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Start Building Your Craft Library

Next to making arts and crafts, another thing we love to do is reading books about arts and crafts. Which is why we're so delighted to finally make available a new product in our website: books!

They're a treasure of ideas, pretty photographs and illustrations you will surely love!  We're sure both seasoned and newbie crafters will get a fluttering of inspiration as they flip through these publications, which are all a colorful assortment of arts and crafts projects.

To celebrate the book and its addition to our growing website, this month's postcard is about the humble book: silent in waiting for a reader to hold, push open, and discover what lay hidden in its pages.

We have three different titles available for purchase at the moment, and we're hoping to add more to our library in the future. Start building yours! :)


Thanks again Paul for this pretty postcard! You can get the Books are Special postcard for free for every purchase you make in the Hey Kessy website.
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