Thursday, June 27, 2013

Craft Emergency

When I go out, I always have with me a pouch which contains pencils, craft knives, extra blades, coins, carving tools, ink pads, erasers, washi tape, and many other things I don't exactly know why they're there :)

This craft pouch is more important than many other more practical things like my cellphone. Yes, I forget to bring my phone sometimes, but never my craft pouch!

The other day, I was at the Cordillera Coffee when I noticed I couldn't walk properly with my sandals. Apparently, one of the layers on the soles was peeling off! Tsk tsk.

So, I did this:

A few days after that, I was cleaning my closet and found a pair of black sandals. I liked it so much and wondered why I hadn't been wearing them...and found out why a bit later when I already got to Gateway. My heels kept on sliding off because the material inside the sandals didn't have any traction! It was so difficult to walk!

And so, I did this:

Whew! Thank god for washi ;)

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