Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paper X Craft Knife

These are some of the name tags I made for the Washi Jewelry Workshop last week. I hope these cards inspired and made the participants happy :)

 Well, I think that holding hands with a crafter is pretty amazing because her hands know how to dream, make beautiful things, fail and try making again.


Happy happy birthday to my brother, Moy! After giving him the papercut card, I told him that the leafy letters were delicate. Judging from his laugh, mocking eyes, and the way he was holding the card, I figured it would be better to have the card framed before its leaves get beaten up. So, I took it back and would just give back next week :)


PS Originally posted on Mansilliana Sunday.
PPS You can still register for the Washi + Papercutting Workshop on March 16. For details, go here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rubbercut Crafternoon at Fullybooked, BHS

We had a fullybooked Rubbercut Crafternoon at Fullybooked last February 10! It's always a good thing meeting new crafters and spending time with them to create things.

I like it that we always get to chika before a workshop:

Happy Alessa during the introduction:


And the carving began! It was ..ooh by the way, the garland you can see is made of papercut letters I made for the afternoon. 

It was a happy surprise when one of the participants was a gentleman...only goes to show that crafting and making are not only for ladies. :)

 Fozzy, Mikko, Macy, and Kaichy knew how to multi-task chikahan and carving!

Everyone enjoyed personalizing their ink pads with different colors and patterns:




Thanks to Paul and Mary Imbong for covering our crafternoon :)

Thank you so much ladies for the lovely afternoon! We hope that you continue using the carving tools to make more beautiful stamps :)

PS We have another Rubbercut Crafternoon on March 17. For more details, go here :)
PPS Join the Paperpan:Washi + Papercutting Workshop on March 16. For more details, go  here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paper Pan: Papercutting Workshop on March 16! :)

Let's cut class!

Join our Paper Pan: Papercutting Workshop on March 16, Saturday, 2-5PM, at the art gallery above the best cookie place in town, Sweet Ecstasy, Cubao X. If you know where Bellinis & Allan's Grill are at Cubao X, you wouldn't get lost :) We'll be making several works and you'll get to have your favorite piece framed.

More papercut artworks here :)

Fee: 1500, includes 1 framed work, craft knife, cutting mat, different types of paper, 1 roll of Hey Kessy Washi Tape, practice sheets, and other materials you need for papercutting.

To REGISTER, go here :)

PS Don’t know how to go to Cubao X? Here‘s a map!
PPS The framed artwork will be given 10 days after the workshop.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Washi Jewelry Workshop at LRI

I spent this past Saturday afternoon with fellow washi crafters at LRI in Makati. Sometimes we'd crack jokes, share a short chikka, but mostly we were quiet, minding our own jewelry bases and washi designs. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't because we didn't enjoy crafting with other people; it was just like when you're eating a very delicious meal, "galit galit muna", as they say. :))


Claud's collection:

Here are the washi jewelry pieces we made:


Here's Alex, a very talented designer. She made a cute twine bracelet with washi charms and won the Join the Handmade Movement Tote Bag!

Monch was the other winner! Her black washi pendant was very elegant. She received a special handmade notebook from Isa :)

Monch and Tessa

 With Mikko of I Try DIY

Thanks so much for the lovely Saturday afternoon, ladies! Hope you guys loved the name tags ;p

Schedule of the workshops in March will be posted soon. :)
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