Saturday, August 02, 2014

Weekend Craft Challenge: String Wall Art

If you're up for a simple craft project this weekend, you might want to try making this simple string wall art! :)

Materials you'll need:

String Art


1.  Wrap the string around the wooden plank. Make sure that there are no spaces between them. Tip: You can use multiple colors of strings for something more colorful!

String Art

2. Use washi tape to keep in place the two ends of the string.

String Art
3. Use a rubber stamp and Versacraft inkpad to personalize your piece. You can carve different stamps and combine different colors of ink to make your artwork more colorful!

String Art

String Art

You now display your artwork in your room or gift it to a friend. :)
Happy weekend everyone!

PS We'll be at 10a Alabama Fair in QC this weekend (August 2-3). Hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Clay Planter + Dish Garden Workshop

We share a love for succulents and plants with one of our crafter friends from 10a Alabama, Femi of Gawa ni Femi. But unlike her, we're still clueless on how to keep our plants alive. Haha! ;)

Good thing she came over and taught us basic succulent planting tips, and together we decided to collaborate on a workshop! We are combining two workshops to bring you a Clay Planter + Dish Garden Workshop on August 10, 1pm-4pm, at the Hey Kessy Studio.

Clay Planter + Garden Dish Workshop

Clay Planter + Garden Dish Workshop

Clay Planter + Garden Dish Workshop

Photo by Gawa ni Femi

Photo by Gawa ni Femi

Clay Planter + Dish Garden Workshop

Clay Planter + Dish Garden Workshop

For the first part, Mansy will be teaching how to make planters and plant labels from slabs of clay. The participants will also get to bake and personalize their works using washi tape. Afterwards, Femi will take over and teach them about different types of succulents which they can use to make their own dish garden!

Photo by Gawa ni Femi

Clay Planter + Garden Dish Workshop

So, if you're like us who love crafts and plants but have limited space for gardening, join us!  Slots are limited so register now.

Fee is only P3000, inclusive of all materials and drinks.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Craft Workshops in Alabang

Hello crafters!
Here's the schedule of our craft workshops at Bungalow300, Alabang, this month. :)

Date and Time: July 12, 9am-12nn
Projects: Clay dishes and planters
Fee: P1950
Inclusions: Materials and snacks

Date and Time: July 26, 9am-12nn
Projects: Papercut artwork
Fee: P1700
Inclusions: Materials and snacks

Clay Workshop at Bungalow300

Papercutting Workshop in Alabang

If you want to join the workshops, you can register HERE.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Weekend Craft Challenge: DIY Washied Planter

Here's a simple DIY project we're sure everyone would enjoy making! Show extra care to your little succulents by making them new homes that give them more space to grow and at the same time, look as cute as them! These washi taped planters are easy to make. :)

DIY Washied Planter


Mod Podge 
Sand paper
Washi tape
Wooden Planks
DIY Washied Planter


1. Prepare five pieces of small wooden planks - four of which are for the sides and the last one is the base. You can make any size as you want. For my planters, I prepared 2 different sizes.

Polish the sides and edges using sand paper. Make sure no splinters are left. This would also make it easier for you to decorate the planter. 

 DIY Washied Planter

2. Use rugby to glue the pieces together. Don't apply too much rugby so it would look neat and take only a few minutes to dry. When it's ready, use sand paper to remove excess dried rugby.

DIY Washied Planter

3. Use a medium-sized nail to make holes in the bottom of the planter. This is very important so that excess water can be drained.

4. Use washi tape to cover the planter. Combine different colors to create patterns. To make your planters more durable, varnish the sides with Mod Podge.

DIY Washied Planter

DIY Washied Planter

Now, you can transfer your succulents into your planters! Happy 1st of July, everyone! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Snailmail Swap: Goodbye Summer


It's been months since the last time I hosted a snailmail swap so I've decided to host another one. The theme is Goodbye Summer.

Like what has been mentioned here, there are post offices - here and abroad - which have been losing customers and are therefore, laying off employees. Is it because only a few of us remember the joy of sending things via post nowadays? Or it may also be that the post service isn't that reliable anymore. Hmm. It's like the chicken-egg argument actually. Anyhoo, the important thing is we give them a chance to prove that their service is still as important (so we hope they take it seriously). :p

If you want to join the swap, fill out the form below:

Things to keep in mind:

1/ Partners will be assigned next Saturday, June 28. You'll get your partner's name, shipping address (of course!), and blog link/Instagram account so you can get to know them and their interests.
2/ Our theme is GOODBYE SUMMER! Interpret it by filling your parcel anything you think is related to the theme. But of course, things DIY-ed or handmade are preferred!
3/ Parcels should be sent by July 7.
4/ Email me if you have sent yours. If I don't receive any confirmation from you by July 7, prepared to be bugged by me or your partner ;)
5/ Okay, okay, I understand not everyone lives near a post office. You can opt to use our good ol' postal service or any courier as long as you send it.
6/ Only those with active blogs or Instagram accounts can join. This is so there's a smaller chance of bailing out on our partners.

Please join only if you are serious about following the guidelines. :)

You can read about the past mail swaps we've had here and here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hey Kessy Washi Tape Featured in Candy Mag, June Issue

Candy Mag Feature 

Thanks Candy Mag for including our Washi Tape in your June issue! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekend Craft Challenge: Washi + Campus BDJ Planner

We just got my Campus BDJ Planner! Though we don't go to school anymore, we're so excited to use it as it has over 32 coupons - now that's over 10,000 worth of savings! :) Not only is it pretty to look at, but it's also useful with weekly layout features and monthly tools.

Washi + Campus BDJ Planner

Washi + Campus BDJ Planner

The planner is filled with special pages like letter to yourself for inspiration, school year goals, class + extra curricular schedules, grade tracker, menstrual tracker, project planner, and #100 happy days tracker.

Washi + Campus BDJ Planner

Washi + Campus BDJ Planner

We've already put washi tags on the dates we don't want to forget like our craft workshops and events. Now, we're off to covering the whole planner with a washi art!

Washi + Campus BDJ Planner

You can get your own Campus BDJ Planner from our local bookstores. :)
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