Monday, November 16, 2015

Craft Workshops in November

It's already mid-November and before we know it, Christmas and holiday parties are just a few days away! Before you panic with your Christmas gift list, here are craft workshops you can attend this month, where you can make cool gifts for your loved ones! Giving a friend the gift of an afternoon of making is a pretty good idea, too!

1. We have a new workshop! Cynthia Bauzon-Arre will come over to teach different techniques on how to turn your drawings and doodles into wearable shrink art plastic like necklace pendants, earrings, and brooch pins!

Shrink Art Worskhop

Shrink Art Workshop

3. Another new workshop is Shibori! If you are into dyeing and would love to learn the Japanese way of making patterns on fabric, we have a basic Shibori workshop on November 29! The participants will also learn how to prepare an indigo vat, and dye Christmas beach blankets - which you can also use to wrap your gifts with the Furoshiki style.

Shibori Workshop

Shibori Workshop

3. Do you have dried flowers, leaves, and other little treasures that you want to encapsulate in resin? JJ Ponce will have a Basic Resin Workshop on December 5!

Resin Workshop

Resin Workshop

4. If you want to make your own ceramic plates and imprint on them using your own hand-carved stamps, then this 2-in-1 on December 12 workshop is for you! 

Pottery Workshop 

Handmade Plates

Hey Kessy

If you want to learn more about our workshops or register, you can go to

Happy Tuesday everyone!

PS We'd love to see your craft projects, use our hashtag #LetsBeMakers and #HeyKessy when you post about them online! 

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