Friday, May 31, 2013

Bridal Crafternoon Series

Good morning! :)

Collaborating with other artists, handmakers, and crafters is one of the best ways to grow individually and at the same time, foster a community. That's why I am so happy to announce that I'll be collaborating with two of the most creative and talented ladies I know - Alessa of Life After Breakfast and Fozzy of The Fozzybook.

We're having a special Rubbercut Making Workshop for brides-to-be. Fozzy will teach the participants how to make monograms, Alessa for pattern making, and as for me, I'll teach them how to carve ;) 

"Bridal" calligraphy by Fozzy, "Crafternoon" watercolor by Alessa, and "Series" papecut by me :)

Here are the sample projects Alessa made:

Limited slots only so register now! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Washi + Papercutting Workshop at Tea Please

Hello crafters and makers!

We're going to have our fourth Washi + Papercutting Workshop on June 22, Saturday. It will be at Tea Please in Maginhawa.

The fee is only P1,500, inclusive of all the materials you need to make washi + papercut coasters and cards, practice sheets, templates, personalized cutting mat, frame, and a roll of Hey Kessy Washi Tape. We'll also provide yummy snacks. Plus, everyone will get a F R E E craft kit to make their own washi organizers! :)

We can only accommodate 10 participants. So, register now

PS You can read about the past washi + papercutting workshops here, here, and here.

PS Here's another map to the place :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Private Washi + Papercutting Workshop at Cordillera Coffee

I frequent Cordillera Coffee along Xavierville Avenue. They serve really good coffee from the north and support coffee farmers by buying at a price higher than market value. They even organize trips to Kalinga to introduce people to the farmers and experience how to plant and harvest coffee.

Carol and her two kids, Meghan and Miguel joined me one afternoon last week for a private Washi + Papercutting workshop hosted by Cordillera Coffee. We were served coffee latte, delicious chicken & mushroom pasta and pesto - cooked and prepared by the owners themselves!


I was so happy when Miguel brought out his own washi collection! So, who says crafting is only for girls? ;)  Her ate Meghan is really crafty too! She draws and has even designed for Havaianas when she was still 12! Super cool! 

These are the washi + papercut coasters made by Meghan and her mom. I hope to meet more crafty families! :)

Visit Cordillera Coffee now :)


PS Thank you so much, Iona and Pao for hosting our workshop! Can't wait for our next collaboration :)

PPS Join our next Washi + Papercutting Workshop on June 22. It will be held somewhere in Maginhawa. More details will be posted soon but you can already register here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Washi + Papercutting Workshop II

As you can read here, papercutting has taken over my life! ;) It's what I do almost all the time, and that's why it always makes me happy when I get to share this craft to others. 

I met ten other crafty women at our Washi + Papercutting Workshop last April. They were all game to experiment and make intricate pieces. 

We used washi tapes and watercolor to personalize our coasters:

Thank you, Eloisa, Mariel, Justine, Ms. Katrina, Yang, Veve, Tash, Bambi, Faith, and Cathy, for this crafty afternoon. :)

PS The Washi + Papercutting Workshop on Sunday, May 26, is already full. Yay! The next workshop is on June 22. To sign up, go here.
PPS You can Mansilliana Sunday's recent papercuts here :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Buy When You Can DIY: Washi Organizers

I know I just came back from an amazing, super fun, and crafty crazy Craft Camp weekend, and that it's only Wednesday, but I couldn't wait to spend the coming weekend crafting again!

The Hey Kessy washi workshops on the 25th and 26th will be extra special because the participants will be given extra craft kits to make their own washi organizers! And yes, these kits are f r e e ! I figured the organizers will make their crafty lives easier and encourage them to make more.

It coincides with what Hey Kessy aims to do: encourage people to make something if they can instead of just buying or hoarding. I hope they will love the washi organizers! :)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Hey Kessy on Homepage, Net25

Although nervous (camera shy ako eh :p), I was happy I was able to share to the viewers of Homepage, Net25, what we, crafters and makers, do. It's always a pleasure when people invite you to talk about the Handmade Movement in the country.

I showed them how to make simple projects with Hey Kessy washi tapes. Here, we were making washi coasters and upcycling empty soda bottles. 

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Net25. I hope that through this, more and more people would be encouraged to create every day.  :)

Monday, May 06, 2013

Tickles from the sea

Not all jelly fish carry a nasty sting. Meet the the jelly friends, jelly fish who would rather tickle your bare feet than sting them.

The pranksters of the water world, they often hang out, or rather, hide, among dense seaweed growth making them hard to spot from above water. With the lanky seaweed masking their softy and flexible tentacles, our limbs are easy pray against their ultimate prank attack: the tickle feet.

The first strike is usually subtle where they only use one tentacle, but soon after comes the full force of the multiple-tickle tools they have. Our exposed and sensitive feet are defenseless, and escape is almost impossible as long as you're floating on the water.

But, of course, not all jelly fish are friendly. Beware of the Jelly Fiends! These bad boys are the ones with nasty stings and are sometimes mistaken as friends. The good news is a friend and fiend are are easily distinguishable - the good guys have smiley faces.


All orders for the month of May will include a free Jelly Friends postcard! Thank you once more to Paul for his wacky illustrations :)

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Papercutting Workshop on May 26! :)

It's time for another Washi + Papercutting Workshop!

Here are some of Mansilliana Sunday's papercuts:

 a song's lyrics

 city map #1

The fee is only P1500, which already includes a craft knife, personalized cutting mat, different types of paper, 1 roll of Hey Kessy Washi Tape, practice sheets and templates, materials you need to make papercutting coasters, etc.

To register, go here :)  

PS Don’t know how to go to Cubao X? Here‘s a map!
PPS You can read about the previous Papercutting Workshop here and here :)

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Mochiko x Hey Kessy Workshop on May 25! :)

What's better than crafting with washi? Crafting with washi and mochi, of course!

We're going to have another Washi Jewelry Workshop on May 25, Saturday.The fee is only P1,000, which already includes a kit to make washi jewelry (jewelry bases, baker's twines, strings, beads, charms, etc.), a roll of Hey Kessy Washi Tape, and a washi storage box that you can also decorate at the workshop.

Not only that, everyone gets free mochi from the best mochi place, Mochiko! :)

What are you waiting for? Register now! :)

PS You can read about the past Hey Kessy Washi Jewelry Workshop here and here.
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