Sunday, July 28, 2013

Washi-lined Envelopes

While I was coming up with project ideas for the coming Stationary Swap, I found some brown envelopes in my room. I opened each of them and used my favorite washi to line them :)

The plain envelopes looked like this:

Washi-lined Envelopes

You can easily open them using the cover of a pen or even the handle of a spoon.

Washi-lined Envelopes

I chose my favorite Hey Kessy washi designs and lined them starting from the flap crease.

Washi-lined Envelopes

I was on a roll and lined a whole pack of envelopes! Here are just four of 'em. Now, they look simple, but not boring, and of course, craftier!

Washi-lined Envelopes

I will definitely make more of these :p

PS If you want to learn how to make your own envelopes, Mikko holds workshops on stationary and envelope making :)


  1. I'll be happy to join the Stationary Swap if I'm going to get items as cute as these! :)


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