Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feature: Yummy Magazine July Issue

This is, by far, one of my most favorite write-ups on my stoneware plates. I like how all the important experiences that have shaped me into a potter have been beautifully put into words - there's my solo trip to Sagada for the whole of last summer to focus on wheel throwing;  my travel back home by public bus with 4 kilos of Sagada clay in tow;  and the group exhibit at Pinto Gallery I joined last December for which I will forever be thankful to my good friends, Iona and Pao. 

Equally important is the mention of all my pottery teachers and several mentors  (Hi Mia Casal, auntie Sigried Bangyay, auntie Tessie Baldo, and of course mommy ♡).

Thanks Kristine and Yummy Magazine for giving me this opportunity to share my love for pottery.

Get a copy of Yummy Magazine July 2013 Issue now! :)

PS I really really like the article, I did a mini shoot! ;)

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