Friday, August 31, 2012

What Would Boys Do: Gomer's Father's Day Card

Who says crafting is only for girls?

For Father's Day, I randomly asked my youngest brother, Gomer, to make something for Daddy. I couldn't believe he said yes right away. So, I just told him to use whatever he could find in my room. 

After making the card and giving it to Daddy, (and even before he could watch his favorite cartoon show), I cornered Goms to ask him a few questions. 


Hey Kessy: Hi Gomer! What made you decide to this project?
Gomer: Uhmm, for Father's Day?
Hey Kessy: How old are you? Are you still a student?
Gomer: I'm 12 and yes, I am still a student.
Hey Kessy: And what do you do during your free time? Crafting? :p
Gomer: Ahh sometimes. Playing computer games, watching TV, reading...
Hey Kessy: So, tell us about your project. What is it called?
Gomer: It is called...the Father's Day Card.
Hey Kessy: What did you use and how did you make it?
Gomer: Basically, everything I saw in your room. Oslo paper, washi tape, the straw thing, water color, and yeah, cutter. That's all.
Hey Kessy: Are you going to do other crafty projects in the future? If yes, share it with us, pretty please? :)
Gomer: Hmm yes. Sure. 
Hey Kessy: Thank you, Gomer! Hope you had fun making this card. Please clean up my room now, will you?!

Gomer has three hands!

Since one of Hey Kessy's goals is to make arts and crafts for everyone, we'll try to feature boys who have a soft spot for crafting regularly. Do your part and share your artsy-crafty prowess to your fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, cousins, guy friends, and boyfriends! ☼ Let's make them part of the handmade movement :)

Email us at and tell us about their craft adventures! :) 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I think we could all relate to Ed :)

“I think as a child you’re always drawing, coloring, and doing crafts. And that is totally normal, and seems to be what you do as a kid. And I think what, kind of the weird tragedy is, you become an adult, you “grow up” and lose that. You stop creating, you stop involving yourself in the joy of color and creation. I just feel like I was lucky enough to never really lose that.” Ed Templeton

Hey Kessy Washi Tapes

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hey Kessy featured in Wedding Essentials

So happy to receive these photos from Meg and Raphi Amat, the creatives behind Eve and Co., Floral and Event Styling!

They used our washi tape and baker's twine to make buntings, cupcake toppers, and other crafty decorations and accessories for the column Style S.O.S, where readers can send in their design dilemmas/questions.


Grab a copy of the Wedding Essentials Volume 8, Issue 3 now! :)

PS Photos belong to Meg and Raphi Amat of Eve & Co. Floral and Event Styling

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2nd Day of the 10a Alabama

During the Fair at 10a Alabama - or any other arts and crafts fair for that matter - it was a real struggle for me to not buy everything I see! It was a small accomplishment for me not spending on anything even before I could even sell an item or two :p


Even though I already knew from the previous day how I should set up the table, it still felt like it took me hours to finish arranging all the products and decorating the table on the morning the second day. 

Here's a tip for attending a multi-day fair if you'll be a seller: After setting up your booth/table on the first day, take a picture of it so that you could just copy how it looks like when you come back to set up again the following day!

I bought 4 pairs of paper crane earrings from Orig.Kami. I couldn't get my hands off of them!

When I had the chance, I walked around and took photos of my neighbors' handmade products.  (I wasn't able to take photos of Kris' Thingamabobs though.)

and Roma and Maan's Pop Junk Love

It was a pleasant surprise to see friends drop by! Some came all the way from the south! :)

Carlo, Gayle, and their two friends :)

With Kian and Mariel

and their friend :)

Oh by the way the next 10a Alabama Fair will be in November! See you guys :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monsoon Rubber-cut Prints

The non-stop heavy rains made me stay at home for the the whole week last week. And when you couldn't really go out to meet up with friends or buy arts and crafts materials, you just make do with what you have. Good thing I still had spare erasers, card boards, and energy - with that kind of weather, you really end up sleeping for days on end.

These are the rubber-cut prints I was able to create. Some of them were exchanged during the Craft Soirée last Saturday at Pipino. You can see the other designs here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paper Straws: More Class in Your Glass

Hey Kessy brings you these absolutely adorable Paper Straws! Available in 34 different designs - in plain colors, polka dots, and stripes - they'll surely make an impact in parties, and make fun tools for craft projects as well. Mix them up with washi tape and your other colorful goodies for maximum cuteness effect.

The paper straws have a length of 20cm, stay durable and sturdy even while in your drink, and are biodegradable. Love mama earth! Each design comes in box containing 25 straws.

Left to right: Stripes Blue --- Stripes Pink --- Stripes Yellow --- Stripes Salmon
Stripes Lime Green --- Stripes Light Blue --- Stripes Hot Pink --- Stripes Black
Stripes red --- Stripes Royal Blue --- Stripes Gray --- Stripes Green
Stripes Aqua --- Stripes Brown --- Stripes Violet -- Stripes Thin Lime

Stripes Thin Orange --- Plain Red --- Plain Pink --- Plain Light Blue
Plain Gray --- Plain Fern --- Polka Dots Hearts --- Polka Dots Salmon

Polka Dots Red --- Polka Dots Pale Orange --- Polka Dots Purple --- Polka Dots Hot Pink

Polka Dots Black --- Polka Dots Aqua --- Polka Dots Turquoise --- Polka Dots Small Pink

Polka Dots Small Pale Green --- Pola Dots Small Dark Gray

To order, just visit our website at 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Who Says You Can't Wear Washi Tapes?

In one of our jeepney rides during our trip with Coffe Aid, I let my mind wonder off. I wanted teach the participants a unique washi project. It was a pleasant surprise when the kids who came to attend were girls! And I thought why not make something the girls could wear?

So, instead of using washi tapes to make paper goodies, I made washi jewelry! Even before our craft and Kape Pinta session started, I had a clear image of how it would look like.  I was really ecstatic when the outcome turned out the way I had imagined to be :)

When I got home on Monday morning, I couldn't sleep right away! I was too excited; I couldn't focus on anything else but the necklaces. So, I made some more and look! With abaca lace, you could even hang them on your wall! It's jewelry-turned-wall art! ;p

Sunday, August 05, 2012

You're in for a ride, mighty erasers!

I bought a handful of erasers and christened my new workspace by making more rubber stamps yesterday afternoon. This means more postcards for Hey Kessy‘s friends! :)

Using erasers is a great way to start getting into rubber stamp making because you can buy them anywhere and they're very soft and easy to carve. Once you get a hang of working with erasers, you could try buying the more durable materials, like the rubber used for the soles of shoes, which require a bit more effort to carve but will definitely last longer.

Either way, it's a real joy to finish a design and go around the house looking for things to stamp them on. Haha! ;p

Originally posted on Mansilliana Sunday.
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