Thursday, June 27, 2013

Craft Emergency

When I go out, I always have with me a pouch which contains pencils, craft knives, extra blades, coins, carving tools, ink pads, erasers, washi tape, and many other things I don't exactly know why they're there :)

This craft pouch is more important than many other more practical things like my cellphone. Yes, I forget to bring my phone sometimes, but never my craft pouch!

The other day, I was at the Cordillera Coffee when I noticed I couldn't walk properly with my sandals. Apparently, one of the layers on the soles was peeling off! Tsk tsk.

So, I did this:

A few days after that, I was cleaning my closet and found a pair of black sandals. I liked it so much and wondered why I hadn't been wearing them...and found out why a bit later when I already got to Gateway. My heels kept on sliding off because the material inside the sandals didn't have any traction! It was so difficult to walk!

And so, I did this:

Whew! Thank god for washi ;)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wood x Washi Jewelry

Lately, I've been experimenting with different kinds of materials that would go well with washi. I've tried clay, flat beads, paper, and brass to make jewelry. I like the way they look! Just recently, I found some wooden bangles in one of my craft boxes.

I grabbed all my favorite washi designs and wrapped the bangles with 'em! To make them more durable, especially this rainy season, I sealed them with water+glue.

They look so cute when worn together :)


PS Join our Washi Jewelry on July 13! For more details, go here.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY Paper Straw Garland

Last year, I was addicted to making garlands. I'd make one almost every day and give them out so I could make more! Here, you can see the garland I gave my daddy last year.

My mommy asked me if I could make something to give to daddy for Father's Day... without even thinking, of course, I said yes :)

Maybe she expected a greeting card or something else other than...

Paper Straw Garland

Yes! I made him another garland! I figured that paper straws would have a lot of other uses that for drinking. As crafters or makers, we can and should innovate, find new ways of using things.

I collected straws of blue and cyan shades, then punched holes. Each hole shouldn't be too close to the edge to make it more durable.

Paper Straw Garland

Paper Straw Garland

Wrap washi to the string that you're going to use to make it easier to barbecue the straws ;)

Paper Straw Garland

Paper Straw Garland

The little in boy in the house was so happy playing with the garland. Fortunately, it was sturdy! ;)

Paper Straw Garland

Paper Straw Garland

It can be vertical as well:

Paper Straw Garland

I will make this a tradition. Every year, I would make a garland for Father's Day using different materials :)

Again, Happy Happy Father's Day!

PS What other craft projects can you use paper straws for?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Washi Jewelry Workshop on July 13

Hello there! :)

Mikko of I Try DIY and I will be teaching you how to make jewelry out of washi and other types of paper. Join us on July 13, Saturday, from 2-5PM, at Cordillera Coffee, Xavierville Avenue!

Everything you need like washi tape, jewelry findings, patterned paper, sealant, etc., will be provided. Yummy snacks will also be served :)

From Mikko

Aside from your basic kits, you will also get a washi kit organizer and a special craft kit from I Try DIY for f r e e !! We'll also bring our personal craft materials and tools like punchers, clay, wooden bangles, shape cutters that you can borrow them during the workshop :)

We can only accommodate 10 participants so register now!

PS You can read about our past jewelry workshops here and here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Yahoo Feature: Do More This Weekend

Good morning! :) 

Just saw this feature on local crafters and makers on Yahoo. I'm really happy my "Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing" papercut is included.

Thanks Yahoo! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

SMB Icons for Microsoft Philippines

Handling a craft business is fun and fulfilling but not always easy! Although we use our right brain most of the time, it's inevitable that we deal with things which belong to the left side of the brain from time to time.

That's why I'm so thankful for applications which make life easier for us - and Excel is definitely a favorite.

Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 2013

Thanks Microsoft Philippines for choosing me as one of your SMB icons! I hope you continue coming up with different applications that make entrepreneurs' lives much easier! :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

98B's Saturday Market x Future Market on June 15, Saturday


I'll be joining 98B's Saturday Market x Future Market at Escolta. The group aims to revive the beauty of Escolta by organizing different art and crafts events, talks, exhibits, etc.

"Escolta was the commercial hub in the early 1900s. During its heyday, most fashionable and trendy items were sourced here. People shopped for stylish apparel, swanky shoes, hard to find objects and voguish things in Escolta."

The fair is on June 15, 9AM-6PM, at the Ground Floor, 413 First United Building, Escolta Street, Binondo, Manila.

I'll be selling washi tapes, art and craft materials, brass rings, stoneware plates, papercut artworks, art prints, totebags, and other bespoke items.

Hope you can drop by!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mochiko x Hey Kessy Washi Jewelry Workshop

I was so thrilled last Sunday because not only did I get to make washi jewelry with 11 other crafties, but got to eat yummy mochi as well! For free! Actually, everyone did!! Super thanks to Mochiko! :)

We stayed the whole afternoon at the Mochiko Collective branch and experimented with different materials to make necklaces and rings. The girls were all really creative and focused on their projects haha! :p

Photo by Nicole Jao

Everyone got down to business:



Thanks Gracielle for the glittery jewelry sheet. I'll use it to seal the washi pendants I'll be making this weekend :)

I gave out free washi organizer kits to participants. It's one of the simplest washi projects that you can do on your own.



Before we chose the craftiest jewelry piece, everyone had free mochis from Mochiko! 


Pretty, crafty girls

Thanks to Mochiko and Nicole Jao for giving me this opportunity to share the love of crafting :)

Visit them at the Collective along Malugay Street in Makati. Make sure you try their strawberry cheesecake mochi! My favorite ;)

I hope to have more collaborations with people who are interested and support the Handmade Movement.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Candy Magazine: The Supply Closet

Thanks Candy Mag and Steph Yapnayon for including us in your segment The Supply Closet in this month's issue! :)


Grab your copies now to check out the other cool items included on their list. 

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