Monday, May 06, 2013

Tickles from the sea

Not all jelly fish carry a nasty sting. Meet the the jelly friends, jelly fish who would rather tickle your bare feet than sting them.

The pranksters of the water world, they often hang out, or rather, hide, among dense seaweed growth making them hard to spot from above water. With the lanky seaweed masking their softy and flexible tentacles, our limbs are easy pray against their ultimate prank attack: the tickle feet.

The first strike is usually subtle where they only use one tentacle, but soon after comes the full force of the multiple-tickle tools they have. Our exposed and sensitive feet are defenseless, and escape is almost impossible as long as you're floating on the water.

But, of course, not all jelly fish are friendly. Beware of the Jelly Fiends! These bad boys are the ones with nasty stings and are sometimes mistaken as friends. The good news is a friend and fiend are are easily distinguishable - the good guys have smiley faces.


All orders for the month of May will include a free Jelly Friends postcard! Thank you once more to Paul for his wacky illustrations :)

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