Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paper X Craft Knife

These are some of the name tags I made for the Washi Jewelry Workshop last week. I hope these cards inspired and made the participants happy :)

 Well, I think that holding hands with a crafter is pretty amazing because her hands know how to dream, make beautiful things, fail and try making again.


Happy happy birthday to my brother, Moy! After giving him the papercut card, I told him that the leafy letters were delicate. Judging from his laugh, mocking eyes, and the way he was holding the card, I figured it would be better to have the card framed before its leaves get beaten up. So, I took it back and would just give back next week :)


PS Originally posted on Mansilliana Sunday.
PPS You can still register for the Washi + Papercutting Workshop on March 16. For details, go here.

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  1. These are so cute! ♥ What kind of paper do you use for that?


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