Saturday, March 02, 2013

Our Top 10 Tools for Crafters

Hey Kessy presents Crafting Effects -  the 10 most common tools used by crafters around the world! If you're into crafting, we're sure you've used most of these tools at least once. Only once because sometimes you think it's not really what you need or there's another one in a nicer color so you buy that and use it more than the previous one.

What other tools do you use for your arts and crafts projects?

1. Pencils
Sketch it before you make it! Wooden pencils will always trump mechanical pencils because it's fun to shop for the right sharpener, or the cutest one. In addition, you can do shading techniques.

2. X-Acto knife
Not just for cutting paper. It's a must-have for your rubber cutting projects, and, after the kitchen knife, the next best thing to cut your fingers with. Tip: Don't be too aggressive when using it on a cutting board as the super sharp tip of the blade can break off.

3. Coffee
Or tea. Fuel for the crafting machine. The cups are very stable and are multipurpose: put in water and you can clean your watercolor brush with it. Put in paint and get in trouble with your mom. True story.

4. Thread
Or any type of string. Knitting, sewing, crocheting - these activities are undergoing rebirth as younger people come up with all sorts of delightful uses and projects with them. Doubly useful if you cook or bake.

5. Needle
Thread's partner in crime and stand-in for the sewing machine, which is more difficult to draw. Working with needles takes a while to get used to, and a skill that takes time to master. Take your time because slow and steady is ideal when working with needles.

6. Super Glasses
Helps you focus on those small details, and, even if it's just fake, they make you look good in pictures. Turns into shades when near the beach.

7. Paint Brush

Perfect for tying your long hair back into a bun. Pencils work, too, but they're sometimes a bit short after continuous sharpening.

8. Paint
As we've learned many times over from adorable little kids, you can literally paint on anything. Find your own ideal canvas - be it paper, textile, wood, or concrete walls - and go crazy!

9. Wifi
Everybody needs high-speed wifi.

10. Scissors
Versatile and easy to use. You'll always be in need of these no matter what you're into, so invest it a good pair as cheaper is not always better for this one. For us, the finest scissors are the ones you can trim your bangs with.

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