Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rubbercut Crafternoon at Fullybooked, BHS

We had a fullybooked Rubbercut Crafternoon at Fullybooked last February 10! It's always a good thing meeting new crafters and spending time with them to create things.

I like it that we always get to chika before a workshop:

Happy Alessa during the introduction:


And the carving began! It was ..ooh by the way, the garland you can see is made of papercut letters I made for the afternoon. 

It was a happy surprise when one of the participants was a gentleman...only goes to show that crafting and making are not only for ladies. :)

 Fozzy, Mikko, Macy, and Kaichy knew how to multi-task chikahan and carving!

Everyone enjoyed personalizing their ink pads with different colors and patterns:




Thanks to Paul and Mary Imbong for covering our crafternoon :)

Thank you so much ladies for the lovely afternoon! We hope that you continue using the carving tools to make more beautiful stamps :)

PS We have another Rubbercut Crafternoon on March 17. For more details, go here :)
PPS Join the Paperpan:Washi + Papercutting Workshop on March 16. For more details, go  here.


  1. Mansy, finally I get to attend the next one. Yey!!! See you! :)
    P.S. All those stamps on display are nice, really nice! Very creative participants you had. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Salamat Geli! :) Got your snailmail!! Thank yoooo :p


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