Friday, February 08, 2013

Skateboarding x Crafts

So, what would a crafter do with a skateboard? Turn it into a Hey Kessy mini cruiser, of course!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how indoorsperson I’ve become. Totally opposite of my college lifestyle. I don’t go out the house unless I have work, meetings, and sometimes, meet-ups with friends. It also doesn’t help that our house is really far from the gate of the village, and that the gate is really far from the main road. So, unless you have an available car 24/7, you just stay at home and wait. And how can I forget that I haven’t renewed my driver’s license since…actually, I don’t remember anymore for how long. So, yes, I need to wait for a car and a driver. Or a friend to pick me up.

Hopefully, these boards, given by Alessa, would change that.

My initial plan was to use just two designs: floral (as always) and plain. But the new washi designs are just too damn pretty!

My brother who is into longboarding kept on teasing me that I was a poser because I was too giddy and that the wheels were too clean. Anobuzz, of course they were because they new, noh! I’d tell him there’s a bigger difference between a poser and a beginner, and that this is something that I’d want to get better at :)

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