Monday, August 13, 2012

Who Says You Can't Wear Washi Tapes?

In one of our jeepney rides during our trip with Coffe Aid, I let my mind wonder off. I wanted teach the participants a unique washi project. It was a pleasant surprise when the kids who came to attend were girls! And I thought why not make something the girls could wear?

So, instead of using washi tapes to make paper goodies, I made washi jewelry! Even before our craft and Kape Pinta session started, I had a clear image of how it would look like.  I was really ecstatic when the outcome turned out the way I had imagined to be :)

When I got home on Monday morning, I couldn't sleep right away! I was too excited; I couldn't focus on anything else but the necklaces. So, I made some more and look! With abaca lace, you could even hang them on your wall! It's jewelry-turned-wall art! ;p

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