Friday, August 31, 2012

What Would Boys Do: Gomer's Father's Day Card

Who says crafting is only for girls?

For Father's Day, I randomly asked my youngest brother, Gomer, to make something for Daddy. I couldn't believe he said yes right away. So, I just told him to use whatever he could find in my room. 

After making the card and giving it to Daddy, (and even before he could watch his favorite cartoon show), I cornered Goms to ask him a few questions. 


Hey Kessy: Hi Gomer! What made you decide to this project?
Gomer: Uhmm, for Father's Day?
Hey Kessy: How old are you? Are you still a student?
Gomer: I'm 12 and yes, I am still a student.
Hey Kessy: And what do you do during your free time? Crafting? :p
Gomer: Ahh sometimes. Playing computer games, watching TV, reading...
Hey Kessy: So, tell us about your project. What is it called?
Gomer: It is called...the Father's Day Card.
Hey Kessy: What did you use and how did you make it?
Gomer: Basically, everything I saw in your room. Oslo paper, washi tape, the straw thing, water color, and yeah, cutter. That's all.
Hey Kessy: Are you going to do other crafty projects in the future? If yes, share it with us, pretty please? :)
Gomer: Hmm yes. Sure. 
Hey Kessy: Thank you, Gomer! Hope you had fun making this card. Please clean up my room now, will you?!

Gomer has three hands!

Since one of Hey Kessy's goals is to make arts and crafts for everyone, we'll try to feature boys who have a soft spot for crafting regularly. Do your part and share your artsy-crafty prowess to your fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, cousins, guy friends, and boyfriends! ☼ Let's make them part of the handmade movement :)

Email us at and tell us about their craft adventures! :) 


  1. what a cute interview! Love that "dad" cutout.

    1. hello :)

      hahaha thank you! he enjoyed doing the letter patterns but didn't clean my room after! :s



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