Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2nd Day of the 10a Alabama

During the Fair at 10a Alabama - or any other arts and crafts fair for that matter - it was a real struggle for me to not buy everything I see! It was a small accomplishment for me not spending on anything even before I could even sell an item or two :p


Even though I already knew from the previous day how I should set up the table, it still felt like it took me hours to finish arranging all the products and decorating the table on the morning the second day. 

Here's a tip for attending a multi-day fair if you'll be a seller: After setting up your booth/table on the first day, take a picture of it so that you could just copy how it looks like when you come back to set up again the following day!

I bought 4 pairs of paper crane earrings from Orig.Kami. I couldn't get my hands off of them!

When I had the chance, I walked around and took photos of my neighbors' handmade products.  (I wasn't able to take photos of Kris' Thingamabobs though.)

and Roma and Maan's Pop Junk Love

It was a pleasant surprise to see friends drop by! Some came all the way from the south! :)

Carlo, Gayle, and their two friends :)

With Kian and Mariel

and their friend :)

Oh by the way the next 10a Alabama Fair will be in November! See you guys :)


  1. I wasn't able to go around much during the fair! Too bad for me :( I love how you set up your booth! I'm sure it's even prettier in real life! Thank you for taking a photo of our plushies! Those babies are camwhores so I'm sure they loved the attention! :)

  2. Aww thank you too, Roma! :) Onga eh, I was looking for you guys nung 2nd! Next Alabama Fair, let's go around together :)


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