Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paper Straws: More Class in Your Glass

Hey Kessy brings you these absolutely adorable Paper Straws! Available in 34 different designs - in plain colors, polka dots, and stripes - they'll surely make an impact in parties, and make fun tools for craft projects as well. Mix them up with washi tape and your other colorful goodies for maximum cuteness effect.

The paper straws have a length of 20cm, stay durable and sturdy even while in your drink, and are biodegradable. Love mama earth! Each design comes in box containing 25 straws.

Left to right: Stripes Blue --- Stripes Pink --- Stripes Yellow --- Stripes Salmon
Stripes Lime Green --- Stripes Light Blue --- Stripes Hot Pink --- Stripes Black
Stripes red --- Stripes Royal Blue --- Stripes Gray --- Stripes Green
Stripes Aqua --- Stripes Brown --- Stripes Violet -- Stripes Thin Lime

Stripes Thin Orange --- Plain Red --- Plain Pink --- Plain Light Blue
Plain Gray --- Plain Fern --- Polka Dots Hearts --- Polka Dots Salmon

Polka Dots Red --- Polka Dots Pale Orange --- Polka Dots Purple --- Polka Dots Hot Pink

Polka Dots Black --- Polka Dots Aqua --- Polka Dots Turquoise --- Polka Dots Small Pink

Polka Dots Small Pale Green --- Pola Dots Small Dark Gray

To order, just visit our website at www.heykessy.com. 


  1. How much for a box of 25? How much shipping cost to QC? Thanks. : )

  2. Hi :) A box is P130. Shipping withing Metro Manila is P50.

  3. Hi! Would like to order stripes peach, stripes pink and stripes gray. 2 boxes each. adress at Unit 1B, Cocoon Boutique Hotel, Sct Tobias cor. Sct. Rallos, Timog QC. Contact #s 5791554, 09237411800, 09176272473. PLease look for Kat or Cheska. hopefully delivery for tomorow or friday. Thanks.


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