Thursday, December 05, 2013

Washied Christmas Glass Balls

Woah, only 20 days before Christmas! We haven't put up our Christmas Tree yet but we have our ornaments prepared already :) These Christmas balls, which can also be used as terrariums, are perfect as gifts or decors for the holidays!

Washied Christmas Balls

Washied Christmas Balls

They are super easy to decorate - just cut up small washi pieces, glue them on the glass, and voila! Don't stick to regular Christmas colors like red and gold. Go and experiment with different colors, designs, shapes, and combinations! ;)

Washied Christmas Balls

Our Christmas Ball craft kits will be available at the Christmas Carnivale Bazaar at Cuenca Park, Alabang, on December 7 from 8am to 7pm. We also have craft workshops on Washi Jewelry and Handmade Stationery. And have we mentioned there'll be washi promos? ;) 

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