Tuesday, December 03, 2013


It's been quite an exciting year for us here at Hey Kessy, and as we celebrate our anniversary month this December (we'll be two years old), we can't help be look back at the people, projects, and events that made this year special for us.

Excited about the new dress she got from ninang!
Nonetheless, it's really the future that gets us giggling with excitement so much that we wish it was next year already! We've got a lot more surprises coming, and we want to share our enthusiasm with you through this month's postcard: The Excitement :)

Stick around for the coming days, weeks, and months as we reveal and share with you the many different reasons why we're overjoyed and looking forward to doing more crafty goodness!


Big thanks to illustrator Paul Imbong (visit his website at popol.ph) for the December postcard of the month! Get one free for every package you order this month :)

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