Monday, June 10, 2013

Mochiko x Hey Kessy Washi Jewelry Workshop

I was so thrilled last Sunday because not only did I get to make washi jewelry with 11 other crafties, but got to eat yummy mochi as well! For free! Actually, everyone did!! Super thanks to Mochiko! :)

We stayed the whole afternoon at the Mochiko Collective branch and experimented with different materials to make necklaces and rings. The girls were all really creative and focused on their projects haha! :p

Photo by Nicole Jao

Everyone got down to business:



Thanks Gracielle for the glittery jewelry sheet. I'll use it to seal the washi pendants I'll be making this weekend :)

I gave out free washi organizer kits to participants. It's one of the simplest washi projects that you can do on your own.



Before we chose the craftiest jewelry piece, everyone had free mochis from Mochiko! 


Pretty, crafty girls

Thanks to Mochiko and Nicole Jao for giving me this opportunity to share the love of crafting :)

Visit them at the Collective along Malugay Street in Makati. Make sure you try their strawberry cheesecake mochi! My favorite ;)

I hope to have more collaborations with people who are interested and support the Handmade Movement.


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  2. Hi Mansy! Sooo happy to attend your workshop and see myself in one of the pictures. :) By the way, you're very much welcome with the glittery laminate. Hope to attend one of your workshops soon! Good luck and keep inspiring! :)


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