Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chalk Art by Paul Imbong

It's about time our glass wall has a makeover! Don't you think so? I invited one of our favorite artists, Paul Imbong, the talent behind our monthly postcard design, to work on one portion - well, actually, this would be the second time as he also did the "Let's Be Makers" chalk art - of the wall.  And he did great! We also got him to answer a few questions about his work. :)

Hey Kessy Shop

Paul Imbong x Hey Kessy

Paul Imbong x Hey Kessy

Paul Imbong x Hey Kessy

1. Hi Paul! Thanks for making another awesome work for Hey Kessy! Can you tell us about this piece?
You're welcome! This is actually a poem, by William C. Hannan. It's a good message not just for crafters and makers, but to anyone who's searching for something to be passionate about. It's an encouragement for us to be persistent and diligent.

2. How was it working on this project?
I used chalk markers from the shop to write on the window. They're much easier to use than a brush, and I really like how I can just wipe off any smudges or mistakes, which happens a lot when I'm drawing or writing.

3. Speaking of style, what is your style?
Well, generally I tend to go for something that looks clean and simple. And I always try add a bit of fun and whimsy in there as well. I try to do the same with my illustrations.

4. Who are your artistic influences?
An early influence was Ed Emberly. My mom brought home one of his books way back when I was in grade school, and I still adore his work up to now. I still have the book!

What got me into drawing  was superhero comic books because my older brother used to collect them. There's still a part of me that wants to explore that, but at some point I was drawn to children's book illustrations and that's what takes up most of my time nowadays.

5. What particular craft would you like to try this year?
Craft beer. Just kidding! Probably rubber cutting, and I think it goes well with the type of illustrations that I do. I tried it before in a workshop, but I didn't get to do much afterwards. It's a good time to start making my own stamps again.

Paul Imbong x Hey Kessy

Paul Imbong x Hey Kessy

Yay! Thank you so much again to Paul Imbong for agreeing to have this sit-down interview, and of course, for the awesome chalk art!

And here's something I'm sure you guys would love! We're looking for a crafter or artist who's willing to do another portion of our window for the month of April! Email us at with your details and design proposals, as well as the kind of craft materials from the shop that you'd be needing. We can't wait to see those amazing artworks!

PS Interested in Paper Quilling? Drop by the shop on Saturday, 3pm, because we'll have a live demo and pop up by Mary Imbong! 

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