Sunday, February 22, 2015

Washied Eggs, Confetti Letters, and a Craft Fair

I was invited to hold a craft workshop at a 7th birthday party the other weekend. It was on a Saturday afternoon but the kids didn't fall short in enthusiasm, especially seeing all the craft materials, the colorful eggs I prepared for the afternoon's egg race, and the washi taped confetti letters for the birthday greeting board. They made jewelry using their cute drawings and doodles. Seeing everyone was in a jolly and crafty mood, especially the birthday girl who looked so pretty in her pink top, I couldn't be happier and grateful to have been invited. :)

Confetti Letters

Washi Taped Eggs

I'm sure I'll be making more washi taped eggs for easter!

The following day, I went to the craft fair DMC organized at the event center in Century City Mall. I love this mall because it's not yet that crowded and the shops are interesting, if not new - at least to me who doesn't frequent Makati.

I only got to stay for one whole day, Sunday, but I enjoyed talking and getting to know other crafters and makers. They also played a video about the crafters who held workshop during the event. The stories are very engaging. Here are some photos of the fair:

Craft Fair

Craft Fair

Thanks to everyone who dropped by! :)

PS For workshop schedule, go HERE

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