Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yoga + Craft Workshops

We always look forward to meeting and working with different groups who are also passionate and creative, may they be crafters or from other communities. So imagine our excitement when the lovely people of One Life Studio invited us over to hold craft workshops at their branches in Makati and Greenhills! :) Join these Yoga x Craft Workshops and have a healthy body and mind! 

Hey Kessy x One Life Studio

Yoga + Mala Bracelet & Wishing Stone Workshop
August, 31, Sunday, 2pm-5.30pm
P2,500 (Early bird rate: Paid by August 15)

After a relaxing 75min Vinsaya Flow Yoga class, the participants will have the chance to make their own mala bracelets which they can use for meditation. They will learn about different ways of using mala bracelets, semi precious stones and glass beads, and knotting techniques.

DIY Mala Bracelets

DIY Mala Bracelets

DIY Mala Bracelets

DIY Mala Bracelets

Wishing Stones

Wishing Stones

Yoga + Clay Planter + Dish Garden Workshop
September 6, Saturday, 2pm-6.30pm

Just like the first workshop, after the yoga class, participants will try their hands on slab pottery by making their own planters using clay. The second half of the craft workshop will be for dish garden making. Femi of Gawa ni Femi will teach the participants about different succulents, how to care for them, and how to keep their dish gardens thriving. 

Dish Garden Workshop

Clay Planter

Workshop fee is inclusive of materials, plants, 75min Vinsaya Flow Yoga class, and snacks by Juju Eats. We can't wait to craft with yogis and yoginis!

To reserve a slot, go to or for more information, contact 0917.8951762 or 671.5433. :)


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