Friday, May 02, 2014

Weekend Craft Challenge: DIY Washi Rack

With all the washi that we have at the studio, it's not easy to keep track of our favorite designs! But just recently, we made a special rack for them. It doesn't only make it easier for us to craft, but it also makes our studio happier. :)


Washi Rack
Our washi organizer doubles as a decor!


Sticks or twigs
Baker's twine
Washi tape


1. Measure the height of the string you need (add some allowance since you can always cut off the excess later on) and cut two pieces of baker's twine with that length.
2. Lay them on a flat surface, about one foot apart.
3. Mark the different levels on both twines where you would want to place the twig holders and tie loops where the markers are. A 5-inch gap between loops on the twine is good enough spacing.
4. Continue making the pairs of loops until you have made enough for the number of twig holders you want.
5. Hang the two twines from the wall or ceiling with hooks.
6. Select your favorite washi tapes and arrange them on the twigs.
7. Lastly, insert the twigs into the loops on the twines to make them hang.

Tip: You can paint the twigs or add washi flags and strips to make the rack more festive. :)

DIY Washi Rack

DIY Washi Rack

Washi Rack

Now that they're organized, you can track which designs you already have. Happy crafting, everyone!

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