Saturday, May 03, 2014

Weekend Craft Challenge: 5 Gifts You Can Make for Mother's Day

So you want to give mommy something handmade for this coming Sunday's celebration? Don't fret as we have 5 simple projects that you can surely finish in one day.

1. Washied Monogram 

This ain't just the typical monogram covered with washi or twine - it doubles as a flower pot or even planter! Just open a monogram using a craft knife, cover the letter with washi, then put flowers inside! :) 

Handmde Gifts for Mother's Day

2. Clay Jewelry Dish

With all the handmade accessories you've given her the past months, she would definitely need a jewelry dish! All you need are clay and some paint. You can experiment with different shapes, patterns, and colors.

Handmde Gifts for Mother's Day

3. Stamped Spoon

On Sunday, before she wakes up, make sure to pop this spoon which your sweet message. Use these metal stamps to tell her how much you love her. Happy breakfast, mom!

Handmde Gifts for Mother's DayHandmde Gifts for Mother's Day

4. Hand-carved Stamps

Give her something she could use for her craft projects - hand-carved stamps! This carving tool has different nibs so it wouldn't be a problem carving erasers with her name, favorite plants, or even patterns. Make extra cards for your friends' moms!

Handmde Gifts for Mother's Day

5. Mini Blackboard

Nope, doesn't matter if you're a pro. I'm sure your mom would appreciate your message in any penmanship it is written. ;) This blackboard paint works on any type of wood just make sure to follow the instructions written on the bottle!

Handmde Gifts for Mother's Day

These are just simple but special projects we're sure your mom would love. Make extra stamps that you and your siblings can use if you want to throw a craft party for your mom on Sunday! ♡

Tell us about your project by emailing us photos or tagging us on Facebook and Instagram.

PS You can buy all the materials for these projects from the shop.

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