Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Meet Cut and Paste

Cut is a robot with mechanical scissors in place of hands and fingers. With precise computer-aided calculations and laser-guided measurements, he's capable of feats no human can ever do, such as cut in a straight line. His specialty: rapid confetti-making.

Accompanying Cut is is his best pal, Paste. This guy is always ready to paste things on anything with the brush that never leaves his hands and bottles of gooey glue in his pockets. His unusual passion has led him to develop numerous kinds of adhesives, most notable among them is the non-toxic, sugar-based, glue used to make bubble gum stick to hair.

Together, Cut and Paste form an unlikely bond as they search high and low for unique challenges and ways to put their skills to good use. Need an emergency pop-up card done? Easy-peasy. Duct tape can't fix it? Paste can do it! For them there's always something for them to do, and people to help out.

Yet, despite all that work, they always remember to also help each other out. Cut is actually Paste's barber (check out that slick do on Paste!), and Paste constantly makes sure all of Cut's parts stay together.


Get a free Cut and Paste postcard for every order you make in the Hey Kessy website! Big thanks again to Paul for this cute illustration. Watch out for his blog soon!

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