Tuesday, September 03, 2013

At the Airport

So, how do you avoid that awkward moment at the airport where you accidentally get someone else's luggage and get mistaken for a thief?

I went to Davao last week to hold a Washi + Twine Jewelry Workshop. My flight was delayed so it was already close to midnight when we landed. I was so sleepy and didn't pay so much attention to things - save for my midnight food cravings. When I finally saw my luggage at the conveyor belt, it was right infront of me! I hastily lifted it up and checked if it was mine. But before I could even find the tag, the real owner worriedly told me it was hers! Everyone looked at me. It was a very, very awkward moment. Haha!

So, on the day I flew back to Manila, I made sure my luggage had a washied letter "M" on it! :)


Washi luggage

There it is!

Washi luggage

Washi luggage

Washi luggage

So easy to spot and you also have a lead time to strategize your moves on how to lift it away from the platform :p

PS You can check out all our craft workshops for September and October here :)


  1. How did you keep the tape in place? Buti hindi natanggal as they were moving it in and out of the plane. :D

    1. Sealed it with water+glue+acrylic emulsion :p

  2. This is Davao! Thanks for the visit...Hope you had fun!

  3. your not giving discounts po for bulk orders?
    or ur not accepting wholesalers/resellers?



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