Friday, August 02, 2013

When it Rains

Rain affects people in different ways, but with kids, it's all the same: another reason to go out and play.

The fashionable minority who dress before frolicking in the rain.
While most grown-ups would scurry indoors for cover, the sight or sound of raindrops send children hustling in the opposite direction. And once outside, their delight is not withheld: a high-pitched cheer, arms to fingers spread over their head, the rapid-fire, tippy-toe jog-in-place on a puddle then launch to full sprint into the shower. Clothes are optional. Later on.

Watch out for the occasional mom or yaya running a few steps behind! With umbrella in hand, they try their best to not enjoy the rain and bring their young ones back in the house. Only the determined succeed.


Get the "Rain Time Play Time" postcard for free with every order that you make from the Hey Kessy website in August! A shower of thanks to illustrator Paul for another pretty postcard :)

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