Wednesday, January 09, 2013

3rd Craft Soirée

When I got home from the 3rd Craft Soirée last December at Pino, Jupiter, I couldn't help but reminisce about the time I attended the first soirée. I couldn't believe it was 8 months ago! Time flies so fast but I'm so grateful that I still get to hang out, chika, and make crafts with the friends I've made back then.

Just like what they all say, "Craft Soirée is better than your birthday!" because you get a bag full of (handmade) goodies. There's definitely truth in that! HAHA!

I got a DIY washi chalkboard from Aya Dalumpines! She even made washi magnets! So cool! Her projects would definitely make lovely gifts :)

Origami and felt bunting from Mikko, the craft puncher and paper goddess of I Try DIY:

  Alessa hand-carved the first letters of our names! Cool!

Allie used washi tapes to decorate our envelopes and make them more Christmas-y!

She gave out hand-drawn stickers and postcards she designed with her boyfriend, Lando :)

As if the beautifully written postcard wasn't enough, I even won a calligraphy set from Fozzy!! I think It's high time for me to start inking those nibs and getting my hands dirty! :)

Patricia gave us stickers! She also makes papercuts!

From Joy Ann, a quillist I met during at Craft MNL's Esty Party. She also joined our December mailswap :)

From the mommy-daughter tandem in our group:

I also received goodies from the other group's crafters:

Airees' handmade card. She also makes passport jackets and wallets covered in washi tapes! ;)

  Drea's metallic stickers!

 From Jacque :)

Lace earrings from GeraOnline

Even though April wasn't there, she sent us Mr. Snowman! ;) You were missed, April! We all want a crafters' event in Davao! *wink wink*

One of our crafter friends, Lorra of Stars for Dreams, also attended! She used our washi tapes for her cards :)

Another friendly face was Jeanie! She was at the Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party last month.

Jeanie with Mariel's hand-dyed wooden clothespin.

PS Read about Mansilliana Sunday's blog post about her project here :)

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