Sunday, October 07, 2012

Brown + Pink

 Just recently, I've realized how Pink and Brown look good together.

I was volunteered by my friend (Hello Edwina! Haha ;p) to decorate our pantry cork board. So, I made some circular kraft tags and painted them with Christmas trees and gift boxes to hang on the sides of the board.


Neon Pink and White look good on brown, I’ve just realized. Above is the Poster version of a Forest Postcard  and my practice sheet for a project I’m doing for my sister. It was a relaxed Sunday afternoon until my circular puncher suddenly stopped working and my cousin/pamangkin/tito, Mawsy (a.k.a. Mickey Maw) tried to destroy play with my craft toys!


Anyhoo, this is my fail puncher. I am trying to look for a more reliable brand. Please let me know if you have recommendations :p Thanks!


  1. Hi Mansy! You can try the Marvy Uchiva circular punch or the EK Success Circular Punch. I think they are available at Lasting Impression ( and Memory Lane Store ( :)

  2. Jo Anne! :D Yay! Thank you so much! I'll visit these shops. Hope they still have EK Success and Marvy Uchiva! Hehe


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