Thursday, September 06, 2012

Handmade EPs by Resse and Vica!

Two local artists/singers, Reese and Vica, used our washi tapes to make their limited edition EPS. How cool is that! :)


This by far one of the most impressive DIY washi projects we've seen! You can check out Reese's post here.

To celebrate the first BER month of the year and of course, the coming of the ARTIST EDITION washi tapes, we are collaborating with Reese to give away 3 rolls!! :) JOIN now!


PS Thank you for the photos, Reese


  1. Impressive, indeed! Ang galing! nagkaroon ng whimsical vibe yung EP cover! :)

    1. Yeah! :) Ang tyaga and super creative. And and search them on Youtube, Roma. Sobrang galing din nila kumanta!


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