Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walk and Train

I’m back from a long weekend in Singapore. It was pretty amazing going around independent coffee, tea, arts and crafts, and book shops in the city! Thanks to their efficient metro system, I was able to visit almost all the places I wanted to and the ones recommended by Jam.

When I was there last April, I just got to hang out at The Little Drom Store since I only had less than 24 hours and it was near my hostel. It wasn’t so bad actually because I had the most delicious cake ever at their cake shop.

Originally posted on Mansilliana Sunday.


  1. You were late for your plane!!!??? Oh craft indeed..( haha funny girl!) Glad you were still able to go though! :) More kwento please :)

    1. Roma :)

      Yeah, I missed! HAHA. Money down the drain :(
      I really liked the shops I was able to visit ;p


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