Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey Kessy's Craft Buddies: Kelloggs, Gelibee, and Lai

1. Capt. Kelloggs welcomes home her kuya Dustin and ate Cecille from the States! Her cute poster shows how much she misses them ♡

2. When you're hooked to origami but can't find paper patterns you like, you can always use our paper tapes to upcycle scratch paper! One of the crafty ladies I've met at 10a Alabama last fair, Gelibee, shows us how how to make washi stars here.

3. Lai Reyes uses pink and lime green washi tapes to make a baby shower card. It's so cute!

PS Photos belong to the respective crafters. Thank you, Kelloggs, Geli, and Lai for sharing to us your talent!

PPS If you have DIY washi projects, please email 'em to us at contact@heykessy.com :)

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