Saturday, September 19, 2015

Three Craft Inspirations for the Weekend

After a long week of work, stress, and horrible traffic, it’s nice to unwind with a bit of crafting - so here are some of our craft picks for a bit of inspiration. This week’s theme: paper crafts!

1. Paper Flowers by
Some colored paper, wire, and green washi tape are all you need to make this floral DIY!

Craft Projects

The delicate details of a paper doily makes a beautiful but easy pattern you can use to brighten up anything from greeting cards to notebooks. 

Craft Projects 

3. DIY Washi Paperclip Flags by Paper&Pin
Another great use for washi tape! Stay organized with a little help from these super cute washi page markers. 

Craft Projects

Happy crafting everyone! Make sure you use #LetsBeMakers and tag us, @heykessy, on your Instagram posts - we'd love to see what you'll be making this weekend! :)

*Text by Cara Lamug, Hey Kessy Intern Batch 1 

1 comment :

  1. I like the DIY Washi Paperclip Flags by Paper&Pin idea! It is so cute. Cannot wait to try it. :D


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