Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stamped Poscards and Envelopes

It's now easier to have a pattern stamped on blank postcards using this carvable brayer, which is soft and holds ink really well. Since the gift giving season is almost here, I carved mini Christmas trees and used a black Versacraft ink pad to print on blank notecards and postcards. The washed effect is so nice. I wonder how this would look like on walls. ;)

Hand-carved Stamps

Here are other stamps I made over the weekend. I didn't throw away the extra rubber carvings from the big stamps, and used them to make these raindrops. The pattern is as relaxing as this rain for me audio. :)

Hand-carved Stamps

Happy weekend, everyone!

PS Carvable brayers are available at the Hey Kessy shop along E. Abada in Katipunan.

PPS  We have new workshops in coming months. You can check the schedule HERE. :)

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