Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Postcard: Banana Business

It’s a well-known fact that monkeys love to eat bananas, but there’s another why they adore the fruit: it’s also a thriving business.

Take for example, paintings. As much as the primate population likes it for its taste, bananas are also food for their eyes. It’s a thing of beauty for them and they simply cannot get enough of it. So much so that they make art about it!

Yup, monkeys can be artistic as well. With opposable thumbs, mastering the paint brush is easy as (banana) pie. But, since not all have the skills of handling paint, some would have to settle for commissioning works from others. The artist is paid with enough bananas to make them fill their furry bellies.


Get a Banana Business postcard this April! It's free for every purchase made at Heaps of bananas were handed over to Popol for this month's Animal Crafter illustration.

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