Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Weaver of Love

Valentines may be over, but at Hey Kessy giving love is something we like to do all year round. So for this month’s postcard, we continue with our animal crafter series to present you with Weaver of Love!

Mr. Spider admiring his handywork

We're sure a lot of work goes into building webs to catch their food, but sometimes spiders can create something extra special for a different purpose. Can you guess what this kind of webbing is for?

To catch me someone to love!

Who would have thought spiders can be so adorable :)


You get a free Weaver of Love postcard for every purchase made in the Hey Kessy website! A heartfelt thanks goes out to Paul Imbong for creating the new postcard for March :)

1 comment :

  1. Hi! I inquired about your pinoy washi tapes being sent to the States! Yes, I'm willing to pay for the extra shipping. Please let me know when they go back in stock!! :) thanks


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