Monday, February 03, 2014

Stomp Maker

So we're sure you've heard of stamp makers before, but do you know what a stomp maker is?

It’s a dog! Anyone who’s had one as a pet friend knows how adorably annoying they can be at times, and having dirty paw prints brought inside the house - all over the floor -  is just one of those times.

Dogs have artistic urges as well

It’s almost funny to imagine dogs doing it intentionally, trotting around the living room with a proud smile on its face. “Stomp, stomp, stomp,” it says to itself with one paw pressed down in one beat then flicked upward on the next. “I made this!”


Get a free Stomp Maker postcard for every purchase you make from the Hey Kessy website for the month of February! Thanks again to Paul for another peachy illustration :) Check out his blog.


  1. That's awesome, you just made me smile. Both of my dogs totally do that all the time.


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