Thursday, December 20, 2012

Drea and Her Unique Washi Tape Art

One of the very first crafter friends we made this year is Drea, maker of the awesome encanta stickers. A true crafter, she also paints, creates ceramic jewelry, and carves rubber stamps during her free time. Another cool thing about her is that she always shares! Her magazine stash, materials, and projects!

And now here she is, sharing with us how she makes her beautiful and unique washi art!


Hello! My name's Andrea and  I'm a washi addict. Because of the loveliness and versatility of washi tape, I've made it my goal to use washi to prettify everything--our house walls, glass bottles, notebook covers, upcycled jewelry-even my camera!

This time, I'm going to share how you can add washi embellishments to your drawings to make it extra special. I like using reference photos from magazines that inspire me like Lula, Frankie, Vogue and Nylon. I tend to choose fashion editorials with lots of color because it's more fun to washi. You don't have to follow the color scheme of the reference photo though, it's up to you.

You can start with a rough sketch of the image using a pencil, but I do it the messier way, using a calligraphy pen. I like the squiggly, unpredictable lines from the calligraphy pen, even if it is hard to
erase mistakes (tip: cover errors with washi).

There's no need to be detailed with the drawing, since you'll becovering most of it with the washi tape anyway.

I then tear up washi tape and add it to areas that have the same color. Sometimes I have the whiteness of the paper show through, sometimes I add layers of washi tape to the base to make the colors more vibrant.

You can also crumple the washi tape while you'rae sticking it to give it that extra texture.

I also added some gold paint around it afterwards to add sparkle. You can use Hey Kessy's gold washi tape for this too.

Here are other sketches I embellished with washi tape:

You can use this technique to washi drawn portraits, still life drawings, drawings of landscapes, photographs--the possibilities are endless! Have fun! :)


PS You can see more of her works here and here :)
PPS All photos belong to Drea Dela Cruz

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