Monday, March 05, 2012

The One with Forgotten Brown Bags

First time to sell the new items

The art fair at the Collective last February 25 was tiring...but amazing :) Some friends went to visit; one even helped us sell washi tape and a few other items despite the unforgiving heat. Thanks Frish!

Finally met Allie Principe, one of Hey Kessy's friends. And thank god for their lemonade stand. If it weren't for this glass, I'd have passed out =))


 DIY coaster: All you need is a tile/cardboard, glue, water, varnish, and of course, some rolls of washi tape to dress it up!

washi tape coaster!

Next project: washi tape shades?


  1. will you sell baker's twine in bundles and not just in spools? I don't use much bakers twine and yet I want all your colors!

  2. Hi Jona! Yup, we'll be having them in short bundles very, very soon :) Follow us on twitter or facebook for the announcement!


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