Monday, February 06, 2012

New washi tape and two new products!

Washi tape now isn't the only thing on Hey Kessy's smiling mind. Introducing our two new products: Baker's Twine and Pretty Stickers!

Baker's Twine
As tasty to the eyes as multi-colored puto. We have Baker's Twine is six different striped colors: red, pink, orange, light green, purple, and yellow. Each spool contains 100m of twine.

Pretty Stickers
There are three different sets of Stickers! The first one, Pastel Masking Sticker Set, has 27 sheets of stickers comes in pastel colors and patterns. The second one is the Basic Masking Sticker Set, which is pretty much the same as the first set, but only with more vibrant colors and patterns.  Both the first and second sets have sheets with cut marks in the shape rectangles and a few circles. Each sheet measures 65mm x 90mm. Here's an image showing the cut marks for each sheet and the three different sets of stickers:

The third kind is Pre-cute Shapes, which are stickers in pre-cut in the shape of hearts, circles, and a few other shapes. Much like the first two kinds of stickers, this one also come in adorable colors and patterns. Each pack contains four different sheets, and each sheet measures 110mm x 190mm.

15 New Washi Tape Designs
And with the new designs come five new bundles! Whohoo! Check out the website for more pictures.

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