Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Washi tape at the 10a Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair

Hey Kessy and its washi tape joined the imaginative and quirky at the 5th 10a Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair last December 10 to 11.

The fifth and last held this year, over 30 participants took over the snug spaces inside 10a Alabama Street in New Manila selling their handcrafted wares such as paintings, collages, artworks, jewelry, plush toys, decors, and clothes. Even carpentry work filled the rustic tables and shelves of the house turned gallery/cafe.

Though it rained throughout the two days, the atmosphere was warm amongst the people as newbie and past sellers couldn't help but purchase from their fellow participants, a few times even exchanging items among themselves.

The event was capped with a rather exciting variation of exchange gift and a salu-salo, where the food was just as good as the company.

Watch out for the next 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts fair early next year!

Washi tape in the Philippines


  1. I went to 10a Alabama today hoping you were there, but didn't see no washi tapes on display :(

  2. Really? Sayang!We'll be joining the arts and crafts fair in April though. Hope to finally meet you there :D


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