Saturday, August 02, 2014

Weekend Craft Challenge: String Wall Art

If you're up for a simple craft project this weekend, you might want to try making this simple string wall art! :)

Materials you'll need:

String Art


1.  Wrap the string around the wooden plank. Make sure that there are no spaces between them. Tip: You can use multiple colors of strings for something more colorful!

String Art

2. Use washi tape to keep in place the two ends of the string.

String Art
3. Use a rubber stamp and Versacraft inkpad to personalize your piece. You can carve different stamps and combine different colors of ink to make your artwork more colorful!

String Art

Hey Kessy Shop

You now display your artwork in your room or gift it to a friend. :)
Happy weekend everyone!

PS We'll be at 10a Alabama Fair in QC this weekend (August 2-3). Hope to see you there!

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